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For over two decades Terri Eros and Eric Cooter have been married and adventuring together through faith, joy and love. They have travelled by air, cruise ship, and over the open road. Through this blog they hope to share their experiences of God’s amazing creation, and encourage others to "Chase Your Dreams!"


Eric has been a Professional Pilot for over 40 years and an FAA Certified Flight Instructor for over 20 of those years. Together, Eric and Terri enjoy flying near their home base, experiencing the beauty of this amazing land from above.

Cruise Ships

Terri and Eric enjoy cruising the Caribbean on cruise ships. They have sailed on more than six different ships and explored numerous ports in the Western, Eastern, and Southern Caribbean. They hope to return to cruising sometime in 2023!

The Great Outdoors

As it always does, life changes. Recently, Terri and Eric left RV'g adventures and sold their Jayco Travel Trailer.  They still hold fond memories of these experiences traveling the roads and byways of this great land. Their adventures took them to the Grand Canyon and several visits to State parks. You can still enjoy videos of those trips on their YouTube channel.