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I have been flying since I was 15 years old.  I soloed on my 16th birthday and became a Private Pilot at 18 years old.  After graduation from college, career and family took precedence and I took a hiatus from flying.  Twelve years later however, I returned to aviation and worked on my instrument rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, CFII rating, and multi-engine ratings full time.  I have been an active flight instructor ever since, and I have spent the last several years flying primarily in Civil Air Patrol.  In 2022, I completed training for an SIC Type Rating in the Embraer 505 Phenom 300 a nine (9) passenger turbojet and flew as a First Officer for a year.  In October 2023, I attended two weeks of pilot upgrade training at CAE in Dallas and  passed the check ride for the Airline Pilot Certificate and Pilot in Command (PIC) Type Rating in the Phenom.  In retirement now, I fly as Captain with an on-demand carrier based in Naples, FL, but I still love to teach as a Flight Instructor.  Please contact me and let's discuss how I might help you achieve your aviation dreams.            


Check out some of my recent aviation adventure destinations in the Phenom 300.

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