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My journey in aviation began at the young age of 15 when I embarked on flight lessons, soloing on my 16th birthday and obtaining my Private Pilot license by the age of 18. However, life's priorities led me away from flying after college, resulting in a 13-year hiatus. In 1998, I reignited my passion for aviation and dedicated myself to advancing my skills, obtaining certifications including Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, CFII rating, and multi-engine ratings at a flight school in Naples, FL. Since then, I've served as an active flight instructor, both independently and as a Mission Pilot in Civil Air Patrol.

In 2022, I achieved a significant milestone by completing flight training for a Second in Command (SIC) Type Rating in the Embraer 505 Phenom 300 turbojet. Subsequently, I served as a First Officer for a year before undergoing intensive pilot upgrade training at CAE in Dallas, TX, where I earned the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and Pilot in Command (PIC) Type Rating in the Embraer Phenom 300. Now, in my retirement from ministry, I proudly serve as a Captain with an on-demand carrier based in Naples, FL, while continuing to share my expertise as a Flight Instructor.

If you're eager to elevate your aviation skills, I'm here to guide you. With over 30 years of flying experience, I specialize in advanced instruction, Flight Reviews, and Instrument Proficiency Checks tailored to your needs. While I do not offer instruction for Private Pilot certification, I'm committed to helping you achieve your aviation dreams. Reach out today, and let's chart a course toward your goals together!


Explore the many destinations of my recent aviation adventures aboard the Phenom 300.

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