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Eric Cooter, CFI

Eric is an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor with over 1,300 hours dual given and 1,875 hours Pilot in Command.  Eric has been a teacher of flight for over 20 years. I am also an avid aviation video blogger. 


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Aircraft Ferry

I am a part-time, independent flight instructor and instruction is given in your airplane.  I am available for flight reviews, IPC's, and advanced certificates and ratings (instrument, commercial, CFI).  I am unable to take on private pilot students at this time.  I am willing to work with Private Pilot students on ground school lessons. 

As an experienced pilot, my favorite instructors were always the ones who had high standards for their students and were deeply committed to their success. That kind of professionalism came with a cost and thus, my rates are fair and I am not a discount instructor.


If you would like to discuss your training needs and whether I can help you with your aviation dreams, please complete the contact from below. 


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