Bi-weekly podcast about RVLife and being travel enthusiasts.  We offer unique tips and ideas for having more fun and more adventure.


Six Tips for Purchasing 
an RV

Episode S1-3

In this episode, we talk about our recent adventure of planning, researching, negotiating, and buying a new truck and a new RV.  Now, we are in no way experts in RV research, financing, or negotiating the deal, but we merely want to share our decision-making process and provide you with six tips for making such a large financial investment. Stay with us to the end of the show. We have a really big surprise for you.  


The Big Grand Canyon

Episode S1-2

In this episode, we talk about why we chose to travel out West and why we wanted to see the Grand Canyon in particular. We discuss how we planned such a trip, where we stayed along the way, some of our tips and suggestions. We also talk about what we experienced on this journey. You can see all our videos of the trip on our YouTube Channel.


Our Introduction

Episode S1-1

Welcome to our new podcast Eric and Terri Adventures RV Podcast! Our show explores the ins and outs, strategies and tips, and seeks out stories of people who are out there RV'g in the great outdoors. This podcast is for all for people who love RV's, outdoor adventures. and amazing travel. For more information about us visit our Website.

We also offer great video content about our travel adventures on our YouTube Channel. Thank you for tuning in today.