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General Convention 7/3/18 Day 2 (Registration – Committee Meetings)

I was selected to serve on the “Evangelism and Church Planting” legislative committee, and tonight was our first meeting.  We spent some time getting to know one another by sharing our own personal evangelism stories.  The question was asked, “how did you experience evangelism in your own life?”  There were common experiences by which, many of us came to know Christ through the love, mentorship, and discipleship offered us by another person.

Next, we reviewed the legislation which we are presenting to Convention.    To learn more about the details of the resolutions related to Evangelism and Church planting, please click here.   For a summary of the Legislation click here.

Tomorrow morning our Committee will conduct hearings related to the legislation and finalize any language, content, etc. changes.

So, it is time to get a good night’s sleep, because tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m., the work of Convention really begins.  Stay tuned for more updates.


Fr. Eric+

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