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GENERAL CONVENTION 7/7/18 DAY 6 (House of Deputies Legislative Session and Episcopal Revival)

I began my day yesterday with joy and blessing!  My dear friend The Rev. Christopher Caddell and I had breakfast together.  Chris and I were friends in seminary at Sewanee and we have not seen each other since 2010.  Chris serves a parish in Dripping Springs, TX, which is about 20 minutes away from Austin.  It was a great way to start the day yesterday, and I am grateful to my friend and brother for sharing breakfast, conversation, and prayer together.

Yesterday was primarily a legislative session for me.  The committee on which I served has completed its work, and I can now concentrate on legislative work of the other resolutions.  The House of Deputies took up the resolution related to prayer book revision and it passed by a majority vote.

We have had the same prayer book now for almost forty years (1979) and although the diversity and  riches of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer have not been fully embraced in all churches, it seems that it is time that we begin the process of revision.

It will take several years before a new prayer book comes to the church, and many of my colleagues and I may be retired by that time, but it is work we need to begin now.

Later in the day, we participated in a joint session with both houses (HOD and HOB) that focused on Evangelism.  I can tell you know, that evangelism (Episcopal style) will be the topic and focus of the church in the years to come.  Go and make disciples is our mission, and the Spirit is calling  the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement to go and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.   I foresee some training possibilities at St. Monica’s, to help all of us live our faith story each day.


We ended our day yesterday with a “Revival!”  It was an incredible experience to ac

tually be in a huge room with thousands of Episcopalians singing, praising, praying, and worshipping Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It was incredible!   We knew though that we were doing something right though, the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest.

“Day of Rest” Sunday 7/8/18

So today, I have a bit of a down day.  I will not be on the legislative floor, but my dear friend The Rev. Janet Tunnell will take my place with the Deputation.  I will be serving with my Military Chaplain colleagues at their booth on the Exhibit floor.  Please keep all Military Chaplains in your prayers.  They serve in a unique ministry and they need our support, and so do our military service women and men.

More updates to come….


Fr. Eric+

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