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RV Upgrade? We walked away.

For the last several months, Terri and I have dreamed about upgrading our rig. We started out by looking for the right truck. That was not easy in these times of inventory shortages. We wanted an F350, but had to settle for an F250. We did not close the deal though, until we found the right Fifth wheel.

We considered a Jayco, the brand of travel trailer we own now, but the prices were outside our budget, and weight beyond our potential new truck.

We looked at an Alliance Avenue 32RLS, and although it did not have all we wanted in features, it was very nice and the right price. We started taking to dealers and after some time, we had two offers in the table. The lowest was the best and we took one more last look before we committed.

After much prayer and after re-running our budget numbers again, one question kept coming up, “why are we doing this now?” I mean, we love our truck and camper that we own now. Why don’t we save the money, add recliners, a fireplace, and buy a new generator for our travel trailer? Why don’t we take the money we would pay in higher payments, and pay the camper off next year, and the truck the following year?

That moment came with great clarity, and just like that, we called the whole deal off. So, we are keeping our current rig and making a few upgrades. We will enjoy another full year of camping in our current Jayco and Ford F150. We will be out of debt and out nothing by waiting.

So, we are so happy we made this choice! If you have had an experience of a recent RV purchase and would care to share it, let us know. We would love to tell your story.

Friends, keep getting out there and enjoying your travel adventures. Remember, life is a journey and you hold the map.


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