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Stepping Back for Now

For our little YouTube, Blog, and Podcast project, it has been an incredible 2021. 2022 offers us new hope and new opportunities, but the new year will include changes for us. We have created a new brand and logo for our YouTube Channel and website. We are also going to change how we share our content going forward. One change will include the frequency of publishing our videos and podcasts. Our plan is to try and offer new YouTube episodes every other week rather than weekly, and our podcast offering will change to only a once per month show.

Further, we are in the middle of winter here in Oklahoma and to be honest, it is unlikely we will be camping again until March. So, the YouTube channel episodes will focus more on our aviation adventures, and include short clips about the remodel projects we are planning for "Abbey," our Jayco travel trailer.

So, we are not quitting and this is not a "click bait" blog to try and get your attention. We are going to take a step back for a few months, re-evaluate how we want to share the travel adventures we are planning, and focus on what may be next.

We hope you stay with us and tune in to our website blog posts and other updates on what we are up to in the cold, cold winter of Oklahoma.


Eric and Terri


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