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Warranty Work, Maintenance, and Delays, oh my!

Our 2021 camping season has come to an end, and it is time to get our RV “Abbey” ready for winter. In addition to some minor warranty work, we need to have our seals checked and re-caulked.

We took “Abbey” to our local RV dealer after setting up an appointment, nearly two weeks after we first called them. When we arrived, the tech said, they should be able to diagnose the problems in about a week. I thought, “diagnose, these are minor cosmetic issues that require only some minor repairs.” So, I called yesterday, a week after I took the RV in, and guess what. They have not even looked at it. They have no idea when they will be able to look at it.

I called the manufacturer who was not very helpful. They would not allow me to use an RV service other than a dealer. I’ve decided to go and get “Abbey” next week and make the minor repairs myself. I understand how difficult it is now, with so many campers on the road and more people RV’g. So, what are the options for owners in the midst of all these changes in the market?

We are curious about your experiences and how you have managed to overcome the growing demand for service, in a time when there is a decreasing supply of technicians. Please share your thoughts in the comments or email us CONTACT US.

Thank you for your support!

Eric and Terri


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