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We need some Camping soon!

Over the last two weeks or so here in Oklahoma, we have had temperatures that have ranged from the mid 60's all the way down to 20 degrees. We are ready for some warmer weather, or at least some more consistent weather, so we can go camping. It has been four months since our last RV trip. Our travel trailer "Abbey" has been in storage, we have been itchy to get out of the house, and it is time to get back out in the outdoors for some sunshine. A nice little trip to a local State Park would be amazing, and we hope to take that trip in the next month.

Before we go, I have a couple of upgrades I need to finish. First, I need to remove the two swivel chairs in the back the RV and replace them with two new recliners from Recpro. I have not had a chance to re-position "Abbey" in the storage unit in order to access the rear door. We will need to do that first, then see if I can get the old chairs out. Once I get them removed, I will order the new chairs and put them back in the camper. We can't wait to try these out and make our camper a little more comfortable.

Next, I need to make some decisions soon about buying a generator, because we are hoping to try "Harvest Hosts" this year, and maybe do some boon-docking. I have spent quite a bit of time researching the brands, sizes, and wattage output of the generators out there. I realize that we need at least a 3500 watt generator to run our air conditioner, but the weight of those units can run as much as 90 lbs. Now, I can certainly lift that generator in and out of the truck, but why should I put that strain on my back. I am considering purchasing and installing the Soft Start RV gadget that will allow us to use a smaller 2500 watt generator that weighs about 40 lbs. We would welcome your suggestions or comments, if you have made this upgrade.

So, we are ready to camp! Stay tuned for more RV adventures in 2022. We are planning another multi-day National Park trip in the summer, and maybe a shorter beach trip. We also hope to visit more locations in Oklahoma and beyond. Please stay tuned!



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