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A Pilot's Logbook chronicles Eric's enduring passion for aviation, ignited during his teenage years and later transforming into a pivotal career shift. This book encapsulates the enchantment, adventure, splendor, and sheer passion that flying instills in him. It's the captivating tale of Eric's relentless pursuit to realize his lifelong aspiration of becoming a professional pilot and fervently "chasing his dream."

Now available in paperback and downloadable format on Amazon.

Dive into The Local Church and Mission, where Eric shares his captivating journey of mentoring groups of young ministry leaders as they innovate new expressions of community while spreading the Gospel in unconventional settings.


Discover the transformative power of grassroots efforts and the profound impact of sharing faith in unexpected venues.


Now available in both paperback and downloadable formats on Amazon."

Eric's Author Page

Beyond his fervor for ministry and enduring passion for aviation, Eric is also a talented writer. His journey in ministry inspired him to share poignant tales of faith and spirituality through his insightful blog. In 2017, he marked a milestone with the publication of his debut book, The Local Church and Mission, followed by A Pilot's Logbook in 2020. Both titles are now accessible on Amazon, offering readers the choice between paperback or downloadable editions.

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