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Eric's Author Page

In addition to his passion for ministry and his lifelong love of aviation, Eric is a writer.  His gift for the written word began years ago, but was honed in seminary and later, through the sermons he crafted and preached over the past two decades.  Ministry led him to share stories of faith through his blog.  In 2017, he published his first book,"The Local Church and Mission" and in 2020, he published, "A Pilot's Logbook." Both works are available on Amazon and you can purchase either in paperback or as a downloadable edition.

"A Pilot's Logbook"

is the story of Eric's passion for aviation that began as a teenager. This dream remained and later in life, it became the catalyst for a major life-altering vocation change.  This book is his account of the magic, adventure, beauty, and passion for flying. It is a story of one man's quest to finally become a professional pilot and "chase his dream."  

Available in paperback and downloadable on Amazon. 

"The Local Church and Mission" is Eric's engaging account of mentoring groups of young ministry leaders', who created new expressions of community, all while sharing the Gospel in unlikely and unexpected venues.

Available in paperback and downloadable on Amazon. 

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