Weekly YouTube Episodes about our Travel Adventures, Aviation Experiences, and RVLife

While we are waiting for the weather to get warmer, so we can do some more RV'g, this week we take to the skies for some more aviation adventures. #flying, #aviation, #crosswindlandings

In this week's episode we offer you a free resource to help make your camping easier: RV Checklist are available for download on our website: Whether you need help with campsite setup, takedown, or storage, these checklists can be a big help. We hope you enjoy the show!

This week, we take to the skies again for another flight practicing takeoffs and landings. Check out this great episode of some "greaser" landings.

A quick short with featuring a beautiful flight at a local airport in Oklahoma!

Another video featuring some Takeoff and Landing Practice at a local airport. 

This week we walk you through how to repair those darn accordion shades. I show you how to restring a Night only shade with four strings. I walk you through the whole repair process and show you the setup after the repair and reinstallation is complete.  I also reveal two more renovation projects we are considering in 2022.

This week we tell you about our RV Purchase, well almost purchase. Join us for a tour of the Avenue Alliance 32 RLS 2022. We show you all the features of the Alliance and share with you at the end, our logic for "holding off" on a purchase now. Please stay to the end for a preview of videos to come. You can learn more about the details of our purchase process by listening to our latest podcast. 

This week, we change gears and get back to Aviation Adventures! We share with you an amazing cross country trip from Sundance Airport to Stillwater Airport, a short 50 mile trip. Join us for some beautiful views of this great State, all from an altitude of 5000'.

This week, we take you on another tour of "Abbey" our Jayco 265RLS Travel Trailer, but we go inside and check out the living space. We also show you some of the gadgets and products that make our RV camping adventures easier and more fun! Be sure and check out our "Recommended Products" page.  

This week, we show you around the outside of "Abbey" our Jayco 265RLS Travel Trailer. We show you some of the gadgets and products that make our RV camping adventures easier and more fun! Be sure and check out our "Recommended Products" page.  

This week, we show you around our Tow Vehicle, and share with you some of the gadgets and products that make our RV camping adventures easier and more fun! Be sure and check out our "Recommended Products" page.  

In this week's episode, we take you on a tour of the Organization, Tools, Gadgets, and Storage setup for our RV. In the coming weeks, we will walk you through the exterior and interior of our Jayco Jayflight 265RLS Travel Trailer that we call "Abbey"! Be sure and check out our "Recommended Products" page.  

This week's episode features our last day at Lake Thunderbird State Park. We really enjoyed this trip and the boys (Tyson and Oscar) had a great time. This will be our last Camping trip of the season. 

This is our last RV trip of the 2021 season and we traveled to beautiful Lake Thunderbird State Park near Norman, OK. In this episode we share a little about Lake Thunderbird, setup our site and take a short tour, and enjoy a beautiful campfire. For more information about Lake Thunderbird State Park, visit the Travel OK site:

This week we offer a quick recap of the last seven months of our new RV Travel Adventures, and we look at what might lie ahead. Our camping season has ended for 2021, but we hope to be back on the road in March 2022.

In this week's episode, we start off with a great outside camp breakfast. We try our hand at some fishing off the pier. Later we enjoy a relaxing nap with the doxies by the lake shore. We cook fajitas over an open fire. We end the day with another beautiful star-filled night and a soothing campfire. Join us on this adventure.

In this week's episode we share our last day at Great Plains State Park, Oklahoma. We enjoyed some fishing, swimming with the boys in the lake, and another nice drive in the park. Join us for another adventure!

In this episode, we enjoy a long Labor Day Weekend at Great plains State Park in Mountain Park, OK. Join us for yet another adventure in one of our RV camping locations in beautiful Oklahoma.

This is our last episode of our 2021 Texas Beach RV trip to Blue Water RV Resort in Freeport, TX. We began the day on the beach with the doxies, and then we traveled to Port of Galveston to check out the cruise ships. We had a great port side lunch at a cafe, then back to the resort. We spent some time at the resort reception where there was a band, beverages and pizza. Later, we had a great dinner on the grill and one last beach moonrise.

This week, we celebrate Eric's birthday with a nice lunch at a beachside restaurant. We take another trip to the beach, this time driving our F150 down the shoreline. After another attempt to fly the drone and some more beach time for the doxies, we headed back to resort clubhouse for another moonrise. Join us for some fun, sun, and beach time.

THIS IS A 'REDO" of this episode in which, we drive from a Texas State Park through city traffic in Houston, TX (largest city in Texas) and then onto our final destination, Blue Water RV Resort #bluewaterrvresort . We also include a few clips of our doxies enjoying their first visit to the beach and our first sunset. Join us for fun, sun, and happy dogs.

In today's episode, you are in the pilot's seat as we practice takeoffs and landings at one of our local airports. Join us for some great flying! In this episode, join us as we start our next RV Adventure.

More video and pics of our Grand Canyon Adventure! On this our second day we drove ourselves to the Park, hiked the South Rim, and explored the Canyon on our own. It was the best part of the trip. Join us for a hike a long the South Rim trails, a great lunch, then a little exploration of the East Side of the South Rim.

In this episode, we share more of our first day at the Grand Canyon. We also take the Grand Canyon Railway train back to Williams, AZ and along the way, we get a little surprise.

We finally arrive in Arizona and after we setup our camper, we tour the town with the doxies.  Small shops, lots of tourists, and a nice tour of the area.  We cannot wait to visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

In this episode, join us as we practice takeoffs and landings at Sundance Airport. Sit back, relax, fasten your seatbelt and shoulder harness, and take the controls as we embrace the sheer joy of flying!

This week, we take the doxies back to the beach for some sand, surf, and fun. Later, we show you the canal side of the resort and capture yet another beautiful sunset. Finally, we wind up back at the clubhouse and take in another moon rise. Next week, we travel to the Port of Galveston with a nice surprise related to another one of our travel passions.

In this episode we begin the day with a beautiful beach sunrise. We then take the boys to the beach for some fun in the surf. We also had a problem with the cabana we brought with us. Despite that issue, we had a blast and so did the boys. We ended the day with a steak dinner at the RV and a beautiful sunset.

In this episode, join us as we start our next RV Adventure. We travel from our home in OKC to Freeport, TX. With a stopover at Huntsville State Park in Texas, we travel six hours and 350 miles. Join us on this trip of fun, sun, and relaxation.

This was the last cruise Terri and I sailed on before 2020. We had a blast! We sure hope to cruise again within the next year. Join us for this flashback to fun and adventure on the high seas.

In this episode, we travel from Grand Canyon Railway RV Resort to beautiful Sedona, Arizona. We visited Chapel of the Holy Cross, hiked some of the beautiful spots in Sedona, then traveled back along a route that included beautiful vistas. Join us for a beautiful side trip on our Grand Canyon Adventure.

In this video, we tour Williams, AZ which is just south of the Grand Canyon National Park. The next day, we dropped the Doxies off at the Grand Canyon Railway Pet Resort, took the train to the National Park, and toured the Rim Trails.

In this video, we leave Oklahoma City and travel West on our dream trip!  We are headed to the Grand Canyon where we will stay for four days.  This journey takes us across Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  Join us for this adventure.