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Dreams Do Come True

Today, Thanksgiving 2022 Terri and I woke up early, giving thanks to God for all the new adventures we are allowed to experience. There have been so many changes to our lives, and all in less than a month. October 31, I retired from active ministry and left a vocation and position I enjoyed immensely. In early November, we sold our home in Oklahoma, and two weeks later we bought a home in Florida. In the midst of all these changes, I started returned to a flying vocation, serving as a pilot flying for an on-demand airline based in Naples, FL. Terri and I are truly chasing our God-given dreams!

Terri and I want to take this day to wish each of you, our dear friends and family a blessed Thanksgiving. We encourage you all to take a moment today (and every day), live in gratitude for all we have, especially the gifts we all seem to take for granted: love, family, friends, shelter, food, clothing, work, and most of all God's never-ending, "no holds barred," "no-strings-attached," and over-abundant love.

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends,

Terri and Eric


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