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Yesterday was my day “off the floor”  at convention.  The Rev. Roy Tuff of Good Shepherd, Punta Gorda took my place in the Deputation.  This day off gave me an opportunity to serve with my fellow Episcopal priest/Military Chaplains who were in the exhibit booth.

The day began with a wonderful Eucharist in the Convention center.   The music was incredible.  A young man, Andrés Gonzélez-Bonillas, whose grandparents immigrated from Mexico was our preacher. Last year, at the 2017 EYE annual event, Andrés was the final speaker and here is his sermon.  Yesterday, he once again inspired, encouraged, and challenged all of us to never again forget, never again repeat, and never again allow the atrocities of fear and racism to rob the dignity of every human being.

Bishop Suffragan for Armed Forces and Federal Ministries Booth

After the Eucharist, I spent four hours with my fellow Chaplains.  I met many new people, and had the opportunity to share the work and ministry of the CAP Chaplain Corps with visitors to the booth. I networked with two of our Military Chaplain recruiters, who informed me that they often make referrals to the CAP Chaplain Corps, for people desiring to serve as active duty military chaplains, yet they do not meet age requirements.  I also connected with my dear friend, Ch. Lt. Col. Jerry Sathers, USAF who was ordained in our diocese two years ago.  He is serving in England.  My dear friend Meghan Froehilch, Episcopal Church Transition Officer at 815 (Washington Office) stopped by to say hello.

The day ended with a  wonderful diocesan deputation meal hosted by Bishop Smith and Mary.  It was another wonderful day at General Convention.  Today, I am back on the legislative floor and there are many resolutions to consider.

More updates to come.


Fr. Eric+


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